AbtironBio selected as Seoul BioHub's Innovative Start-up Company
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AbtironBio selected as Seoul BioHub's Innovative Start-up Company ​


It is announced AbtironBio selected as The Seoul Biohub Innovative Start-up Company under the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, which was recently established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Seoul Bio Hub is a biomedical start-up company based on the infrastructure of universities, hospitals and research institutes in Hongneung. As a hub for child care and network, innovative start-ups under Seoul BioHub were selected after screening documents, mentoring and mentoring, and mentoring and mentoring evaluations involving bio-Excelors (AC), venture capital (VC), academics and business experts, and others.

After receiving transfer of technology from Kyungpook National University and researching and developing pure hyaluronic acid bridge technology using quantum beam (electronic beam), AbtironBio is developing a safe, non-toxic Dermal filler that does not use chemical bridging agent as well as elastic, viscous and durable materials, and has been demonstrated to move into Seoul BioHub. Seoul Bio Hub supports customized businesses ▶ Customized consulting consulting ▶ One-to-one customized partnering program ▶ Support for test analysis costs ▶ Support for technical document creation ▶ Special education for bio start-up ▶ Support customized growth programs for early start-up companies such as investment attraction support do. In addition, tenants will benefit from the use of office spaces within the industrial support building, conference rooms, conference halls, rest areas, public research equipment rooms and laboratories.

AbtrionBio CEO Lee Sang-hun said "The background of AbtironBio technological prowess, led by high-level employees, is the one." “As a proven technology, we will present a new paradigm for the derma filler community in the future", he added.

Meanwhile, AbtironBIo is a bio company that researches, develops and distributes global tissues, human tissue-based medical devices, and cosmeceutical functional cosmetics.