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Special attention to diamond elixir with product power and design. Plan to enter global market with mesotherapy ampoule.


Abtiron Bio Attended the Hong Kong Cosmoprof, which held at the Hong Kong Convention Center from the 13th to the 15th, as a medical lux brand and Celuque products, received high attention from leading medical and beauty officials from overseas. AbtironBio is a bio company that plans, develops, and distributes biological tissues, human tissue-based medical devices, and cosmeceutical functional cosmetics. In order to become a leading total health bio company, we are developing a biotissue transplantation platform using bio-derived materials such as hyaluronic acid. It is on the stage of the development. In the Cosmoprof Asia Hong Kong, brand CELUQUE participated in the purpose of introducing the brand to influential buyers in the global market and entering the world to inform the value of the Medical Lux brand to more skin experts. It was a newly introduced brand that enhanced the premium of brand image through formula, design and strict QA according to overseas quality standards.

CELUQUE is a founding member of Cell Fusion C, which has been planning and developing the leading medical skin care brand and leading marketing success to over 60 domestic hospitals in over 60 countries, it is based on bio-innovation technology. It is a brand that has made its mark on the global medical market with the `` Dermatological Medical Lux Brand. ''  By signing MOUs with 20 overseas countries, we plan to expand the infrastructure to promote exports such as contracts, customs, and permits.

At the conference, the company introduced medical specialist products to realize its main field of down aging science, attracting attention from European skin experts such as France, Poland and Russia, medical specialists in Hong Kong, and beauty buyers from Asia such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

As a professional product, AbtironBio has appealed to buyers, with its a positive effect. Especially, it focused on diamond elixir with design and product power. The company plans to enter the global professional market with mesotherapy ampoule that combines efficacy and safety. AbtironBio CEO Park Young-Kwang will aim to export to 100 foreign countries, including the United States, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania, to strengthen global market influence and target global medical markets.

 We will also create a global medical company that leads bio businesses by covering basic and clinical areas through an integrated business structure that encompasses industry, research institutes and hospitals that are conducting world-class basic research by listing them on the KOSDAQ within five years."