Abtiron Bio - Kyungpook National University: “Nanoparticle and Dermal …
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Abtiron Bio - Kyungpook National University:

“Nanoparticle and Dermal Filler using quantum beam irradiation” technology transfer agreement


Abtiron Bio signed a technology transfer agreement with Kyungpook National University's Industry-Academic Cooperation Group on November 4 at the Global Plaza of Kyungpook National University.

Abtiron Bio, a research and development company for hyaluronic acid and filler, will develop and build nanogelhialuronic acid filler technology without chemical bridge using patented quantum beams.

AbtrionBio in cooperation with Prof. Yoo Jeong-soo of Kyungpook National University, has built a unique quantum beam Quantum VII, with this patent, which is a “Eco-friendly nanoparticles without side effects” technology. It is possible to cross-link hyaluronic acid and control the size of particles by irradiating a quantum beam, so that the density is high due to covalent bonding between hyaluronic acid molecules, showing excellent elasticity and cohesiveness. It is expected to play a role as a cutting-edge filler technology.

Professor Yoo Jung-soo of Kyungpook National University, who is responsible for technology transfer, discovered through MRI Contrast Related Studies that BDDE, a chemical bridge agent added to the process of bridging bio-conceptors, had a problem with immune origin, and registered a patent (patent number 10-189549) after six years of research through a national project.

Professor Yoo Jung-soo suggested a new method to synthesize nano gell without the use of chemical organic solvents and bridging agents by using quantum beam irradiation. Through this, we are looking forward to developing new research techniques such as biomaterial development without side effects.

Park Young-kwang, vice chairman and former chairman of former Korea Health Industry Development Institute and former vice chairman of Abtiron Bio said, “The estimated global filler market is estimated at US $ 9 billion, which is about 10 trillion won".

The global filler market will continue to grow, and fillers made with Qauntum's quantum beam technology will create a new wind in the derma filler world. He said: “We will enter the global market as well as Europe with proven safety and differentiation”.

In addition, the company is preparing to establish production plants, manufacturing processes, and production facilities for clinical purposes, and is also preparing procedures for registering medicines, such as due diligence on drug manufacturing quality control (GMP) for product sales and drug exports.

In addition, we will continue to develop various projects using quantum beams and hyaluronic acid (anti-adhesion agents, wound dressings, etc.) with Prof. Yoo Jeong-soo’s research team. At the same time, we will enter the market in more than 100 countries including the existing distribution network and the US and China.”